Routine Activities Theory Analysis

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I) How can a person reduce their likelihood of being victimized? Choose one of the theories in Chapter 3, explain the theory and then use it to suggest how a person can reduce the possibility of having their house broken into during daytime hours. Routine activities theory follows the belief that trends and patterns in crime can be correlated to the access of vulnerable targets, the lack of suited parents and the willingness of criminals (Siegel, Brown & Hoffman, 2013, p. 61). Coheh and Felson have reached the conclusion that the impulse to take part in criminal acts and the presence of criminals is always steady (as cited in Siegel, 2013, p. 61). In every society there are individuals present who are willing to take part in criminal acts…show more content…
92). Biological theories argue the scientific approach in this debate (Siegel et al., 2013, p.92). There are four different views in the biological viewpoint. The first argument is that an individuals diet and hormonal production will impact how he or she interacts with others (Siegel et al., 2013, p.92). Secondly, this view states that if chemical balances aren’t kept constant an individual is more likely to act out (Siegel et al., 2013, p.92). Thirdly, this scientific approach argues if your hereditary genes include “aggressive” individuals you will be born with a “aggressive predisposition”(Siegel et al., 2013, p.92). Lastly, the evolutionary subsection of this view argues that “aggressive males” get worst over time (Siegel et al., 2013, p.92). Also, these particular males will create “offspring” which will have the same characteristics as them (Siegel et al., 2013,…show more content…
125). The area that you live in will impact how you perceive society and its members (Siegel et al., 2013, p.92). If there is no structure in your life you are more likely to fall through the cracks and become a statistic (Siegel et al., 2013, p.125). Every cause has an effect; this is an example of the domino effect occurring. Looking back at the example of males’ vs. females and who is more likely to act violent. A female can grow up in a house that faces poverty and lacks structure. There can be a high crime rate in her neighborhood and high levels of gang activity. The female will act just as violent as a male counterpart. According to Karl Marx she will be a product of her environment, if she needs to be in a gang and commit crime to survive then she will. The theory of alienation by Marx supports the social bias viewpoint. General strain theory states that when an individual faces hardships and stress he or she is going to experience unhappiness and outrage (Agnew, 2001, p.319). As a result, there is high chances that individual will resort to criminal activity to deal with the unwanted situations that they are place in (Agnew, 2001,

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