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Eddie Rake was a man of accomplishments, defeat, and an overall legend. He was responsible for the fame brought to the town of Messina and the football players that he coached. The success he achieved through his football career was the most crucial point of bringing Messina back on the map. The town had turned into a stir of excitement and the players were the social highlights after Coach Rake. These players had to battle though extreme conditions with their coach, who was the “dictator of the field” (Grisham 186). Once their high school fame is over and their time with Coach Rake is limited, the players have to accept the fact that they will lose him. On the other side, Rake needs to forgive himself of all the things that can clear his conscious.…show more content…
Over his career as a coach, he had given the town something to worship and to be known for. Football not only became an activity to be involved in, but the way of life for the people of Messina. It gave people a hope and desire for each week. However, one of the only people who does not find football to be all-encompassing is Cameron. She believes they are “Worshipping seventeen-year-old boys who quickly became convinced they are truly worthy of being worshipped” (Grisham 187).That is a rare thought to the others. Football was the only commotion that scattered between conversations and the only thing that was worth the excitement to the society. Cameron rants that, “the entire town living and dying with each game” (Grisham 187). Messina soon revolved around the fame and streak of competitiveness that endured for many…show more content…
They were treated as royalty, and “Football was king and that would never change” (Grisham 103). The athletes would continue to run Messina, and the other activities would never get the recognition they deserved. That is how society ran when Eddie Rake was head coach, and there are many reasons as to why that was. One main reason to how it affected society was that “Eddie Rake allowed us, players and fans, to touch greatness, to be a part of it” (Grisham 209). Not only were the towns people so eager for greatness, as well the players who wore the green jersey every Friday night. The athletes under Coach Rake were so dedicated and persistent on impressing him, even though he was a tough one to please. They did not only strive for perfection under the lights and on the field, but in their lives after high school. He had started the boys’ reputation and pushed them to excel in the right direction. Some players would state that, “He was the finest man” they have ever met (Grisham 210). Other players stated that their, “happiest memories are of wearing the green jersey and playing for him on the field” (Grisham 210). Whether each player loved Eddie Rake or they hated him, most of them were grateful for the opportunities he had presented them with and to become the person he had encouraged each individual to

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