Persuasive Speech At Our Local Community College

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. Finished, at last with work, she looked forward to an evening on the town. 2. Because Carmela forgot to set her alarm, she missed her nine o’clock appointment. 3. Having decided, that both sides had presented excellent cases, I then concluded that my only reasonable vote was an abstention. 4. To learn, more about Cuba, we attended a lecture at our local community college. 5. After a long introductory clause, or phrase, use a comma. 6. Use a comma after a long introductory clause or phrase. 7. Now, I feel better prepared. 8. Considering my shortcomings, I have been luckier than I deserve. 9. Bored and disgusted with the ball game I thought bitterly that there were some peanut vendors in the stands who were better athletes than anyone

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