Personal Narrative: My Writing Rollercoaster

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My Writing Rollercoaster “Whoo!” I screamed as my face slowly was pressed sideways on the walls of The Starship. My family had taken a trip to the shore, and we finally got to the ride on the boardwalk that my sister, brother, and I loved the best. In the ride, we got spun in circles until we were frozen like a figure from a poster on a wall. In the ride there were no restrictions, no seat belts, nothing. In writing I feel the same, no limits. Writing is freedom. To me, writing is a time to express your thoughts from past experiences. In the past my writing has always been a drag for me. One example would be in first grade when my teacher told the class how to hold a pencil. Even when she came to me personally and showed me how to position…show more content…
I think that the flow comes easy to me because I always read over what I have written and make sure all details connect in some way. If I read my writing and the writing does not flow, I feel I must fix it otherwise it would not be my best work. I tend to be a perfectionist in writing most of the time, therefore the flow is the easiest to identify when I read aloud my writing in my head. For example, when a sentence does not flow, I must either add or take away another sentence to connect the gap, which is both positive and negative. If the answer is to add another sentence, it might be negative because then the meaning of the sentences become lost by adding “fluff” sentences. If I keep taking away sentences the writing seems to become short and the sentences seem choppy which is my weakness. Many times I think my writing is too short which makes me to believe the little details are less effective. Also when it is short I feel that there is not enough descriptive detail. For instance, in my picture I did not take, I spent a while in the beginning with details, but in the end I rushed to write the explanation of the details to the scene, which made the ending uneven and lacking of details. In conclusion, I think I have to improve my consistency of details in my writing and making sure I continue to keep a steady flow as a

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