Disadvantages Of Endodontic Therapy

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INTRODUCTION Evolution of newer materials ,equipments and techniques have brought new dimensions in all the medical field and so endodontics is not an exception to this. There is an increased awareness of the public to retain their natural dentition by way of endodontic therapy as an alternative to the extraction.Persistant microorganisms following cleaning and shaping and the recolonization of pulp space by bacteria due to coronal and apical leakage lead to the post treatment disease The aim of the retreatment is to eliminate or to substantially reduce the microbial load from the canal space . In decision making many factors…show more content…
3.Root canal treated tooth with periapical radiolucency and with pain and discomfort. 4.Even in cases when surgery is needed orthograde retreatment should be attempted to renew disinfection and obturation to improve the surgical success”. Even in cases of nonhealing periapical lesions when the patient desires to retain his or her natural dentition and only if the tooth is restorable then,nonsurgical retreatment should be considered as the first treatment option,it has been reported to have the success rate of 65% to 80%. When the choice is non surgical endodontic retreatment ,then the goal is to access the pulp chamber and remove materials from the root canal space and if present address deficiencies or repair the defects that are pathologic or iatrogenic in origin. In cases with obstructions within the root canal system that make nonsurgical retreatment impossible,then surgical retreatment can be the option that is

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