We Are Watching God Analysis

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I believe that being human means that we are all sinners, however, we can be saved by accepting Jesus Christ as our saviors. I also believe that we were made in the image of God and that none of us are perfect, we all have our flaws. I believe that being open-minded means that you are willing to listen and understand values that other individuals have. It doesn’t mean that you have to believe in these values yourself, but you are open to the ideas. I also believe that it means to respect other views and not be hasty to discredit others because you do not believe in the same things. We should be open-minded to everyone so we can understand each other and each other’s values and beliefs and why the person believes in them. The humanities…show more content…
From birth, he has had a darker skin than all the other monsters in his village. This made him very sad and wanted to hurt the others that made fun of him and run away from the village and his family. He and his family moved to a different village, yet the monsters that mad this boy sad were waiting for him at the village of Plymouth. Though the monsters looked very appealing and acted very nice to the young monster, however, the other monsters made fun of the different one in secrecy. The different one ended up hiding behind the monster sports and took pride of his achievements, but he never was accepted because the sport he played was not popular with the others. The young monster became too prideful and focused on himself. But he suffered an injury that would take away his ability to play the sport and was very mad at everyone. But he came across an almighty monster, glowing with light. He gave him a chance as long as the young monster followed in his footsteps as much as possible and the young monster would be rewarded with a great gift. The young monster came back to those who discriminated against him and defeated all of them in a battle of the game of games, rock paper scissors. He found happiness through the almighty monster and everything that brought him down was vanished and he finally was happy with the way he

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