Romeo And Juliet Religious Language

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However regardless of social expectation, In Act 1 Scene 5 Romeo and Juliet meet and immediately fall in love with each other. Shakespeare coveys the depth of their love through a sonnet. Shakespeare deliberately forms their first meeting into a sonnet as it was the conventional form of writing about love. Romeo and Juliet use Religious language, “My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand.” The fact that Romeo represents his lips as pilgrims show that his love has come a long way, dedicated and searching to reach a dwelling of such a standing, (her lips), and be purged of his sins, loving Rosaline. He also uses this to highlight how precious her lips are and to show her that to him she is invaluable. Romeo also uses spiritual language such as, “This holy shrine”, again showing the fact that he sees her hand as dear, as he compares them to a shrine, to be treated with the upmost respect. The use romantic language to convey their love, “to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss”, shows the intensity of love between them, their attraction…show more content…
“From ancient grudge break to new mutiny.” Friar Laurence agreed to marry Romeo and Juliet as he believed their new found love would break the yolk of such a long history of hatred. However the prologue is indifferent to their love and forecasts that, “A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their lives.” Regardless of the love Romeo and Juliet display they are still destined for a tragic end, and their deaths are written in the stars, this is a significant part of the play as it informs us beforehand that their love is insufficient to break such hate. Shakespeare may have included it in order to show his audience that love although strong cannot overcome certain circumstances. It is also written in the form of a sonnet as a result of its great importance in the

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