Victor As A Contemporary Monster In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Contemporary Monsters Contemporary monster, someone who has been stereotyped as dangerous, neglectant, and a menace to society. Why do we tend to outcast contemporary monsters? Society has contributed an abundance amount in creating contemporary monsters within itself. In the book Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, the main character Victor, is a contemporary monster himself, as well as the monster Frankenstein. They’re both affected due to tragic events that has taken place within their lives. In America, we create contemporary monsters due to the tragic events that take place. We often live within the past and we approach issues in a fallacious way. We discriminate against all races, especially minorities. In a land we so call free, we have an enormous problem with mass incarceration. Understand, that a monster doesn’t…show more content…
Justine claimed to have killed him, she says “I am,” said she, “the cousin of the unhappy child who was murdered, or rather his sister, for I was educated by, and have lived with his parents ever since and even long before, his birth” (Shelley 57). Due to his son William being unhappy, Victor has created a monster unknowingly. And by Justine killing him, she herself has evolved into a contemporary monster but in this tragic story no one was able to be saved. Victor was so affected by all this, he himself self destructed into a contemporary monster and knowing that your son felt unloved and unhappy is a vile feeling. Having a loss of a child die could turn anyone into a contemporary monster. By creating “the monster” or Frankenstein, Victor has taken a risk and opened a door that might not be able to close. He has given human qualities to an experiment. He has created a contemporary monster who will not be treated the same as a human. He created that monster out of despair not because he choose to. As a human race we often create monsters at the lowest points in our

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