Truth Comes With Irony In Kate Chopin's The Story Of The Hour

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Truth comes with Irony “The Story of the Hour,” developed by the author, Kate Chopin, is a narrative that describes a tough life of the main character, Mrs. Mallard. She contained a heart disease. Josephine, Mrs. Mallard’s sister, and Richard, a dear friend of Mr. Mallard, conveyed horrible news of her husband’s death. Once Mrs. Mallard heard the tragic news, she wept at once and stormed at an isolated room. She would not have anyone to follow her. Within the room, Mrs. Mallard saw a red chair, and sat with a relief of the burden that she had to endure. Thereafter, she looked out at an open square and watched the start of spring. Mrs. Mallard felt happy, excited, and comfortable. This was a new beginning. Mrs. Mallard acquired freedom…show more content…
As stated from the story, Mrs. Mallard learns her “lesson” very well. This particular narrative accommodates various inferences that lead towards to this relevant theme. For instance, in page 201, I read the initial three paragraphs. I expect that Mrs. Mallard will be in deep sorrow, due to her husband’s death. However, in page 202, I was shocked how Mrs. Mallard chanted, “free, free, free!” I then realize that Mrs. Mallard was not affectionate for Mr. Mallard. Another example is how spring developed in the story. In page 201, I read the fifth and sixth paragraph. It describes the clouds dispersing with one another, providing patches of the blue, sunny sky, giving rain to polish the earth, and multiple sparrows chirping from a cave near Mrs. Mallard’s house. As a reader, I am confounded. I ask myself, “Why does spring start now? Why does the atmosphere seem so peaceful, especially when Mr. Mallard died?” Then, I became aware of the situation and infer that this paragraph symbolizes a new, peaceful life for Mrs. Mallard. Instead of crying, she is finally relaxed, comfortable, and especially happy that her husband died. The last example, at the end of the story in page 203, Mrs. Mallard saw her husband at the front door. Apparently, Mr. Mallard was actually away from the tragic scene. The news assumed Mr. Mallard was the first victim who was killed, as proven from the identification. Because…show more content…
Mrs. Mallard and Miss Adela thought everything was going according to plan. Then, they learned their lessons the best way possible. One thought that she will live victorious, with triumph, and the other a hero. Well, Mrs. Mallard died of grief, and defeat. Also, Miss Strange worth was traumatized by the loss of her roses, symbolizing the loss of her authority of the neighborhood. People expect that truth will be the best solution for anything. However, due to these narratives, that may not always be true. Irony can sneak in manipulate methods, waiting to pounce at any moment. If one is convinced about a certain truth, one should confirm it by research, authenticity, and confirmation. Otherwise, the truth can be false and someone can experience an ironic ending. Thus, be aware of the truth, or it will arrive with its ironic

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