Role Of Determination In The Odyssey

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Determination is Power Determination is to not give up no matter how many obstacles come across one’s way. In The Odyssey, by Homer, Odysseus demonstrated determination when he tried something new when things were not going how he desired. The Odyssey was part of Greek Mythology. The story took place in mythical place of Ithaca around 1200 B.C.E. Odysseus was gone for twenty years after the Trojan War, but his determinations helped him overcome his obstacles throughout his return to Ithaca. In The Odyssey, there were number of major characters. Odysseus, a Greek hero who was brave, intelligent, and determined. His desire to reunite with his family was the motivation that gave him the strength to overcome his obstacles. Telemachus wanted to protect his father's estate, but he was young, scared, and inexperienced to fight the suitors alone. Telemachus was scared because the suitors wanted to kill him. Penelope, Odysseus' wife was always depressed and slept most of the time. She had two personalities because she wanted to be faithful to her husband, but she also accepted many gifts that were given by the suitors who hoped she would marry one of them. Her intelligence helped her realize not to believe everything they told her. There was an important god and goddess in the story. Athena, the Goddess of wisdom was helpful to Odysseus and Telemachus; she accompanied them during tough situations. She was like Odysseus' hero because she rescued and guided him out of…show more content…
If something is not going well, then a person should try something new until he or she is able to move forward. During Odysseus' journey to return to Ithaca, he faced many obstacles, but he was determined to return to his country. Determination was the key for him to achieve his goal, because he did not gave up until you received your desired

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