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Once the continents were one massive land mass. This immense continent was called Magna Terra. It’s rivers flowed clear water, it’s forests had beautiful trees whose leaves were greener than grass, and it’s mountains were so tall that some mistook them for gods. On this continent was Regnum, a kingdom ruled by a diverse people. The population of Regnum were united by peace and honor, and all was well. But up in the depths of the fiery core, a great war was raging. Two titanic beings, Alack Ul the fire lord and Onyx the black dragon, were battling for dominance of Regnum. Alack Ul was a being of smoke and fire, while Onyx was a huge dragon, whose hide was as black as shadows.You can still find pieces of the dragon's titanium scales from the clashes under the ground and…show more content…
For the power of the device he who need the soul of La Vope the great thief. The beast traveled down into the underworld and retrieved the soul of La Vope. Then Onyx went to the underground temple at the center of Magna Terra where the device was kept. While traveling to the temple the soul secretly plotted to destroy Magna Terra for he was a Exitium, a spirit of destruction. While Onyx lay in a cave resting and dreaming of victory, the spirit of La Vope snuck out and told Alack Ul of Onyx’s plan. When Onyx got to the temple, Alack Ul was waiting for him. The two fought for the device, in the chaos, the spirit damaged the item. After he had done his work, La Vope helped Onyx stun the Fire Lord. Onyx went to activate the device to end his enemy once and for all. But when he turned on the device, the temple shook, the ceiling fell, and the walls shattered. The last thing Onyx and Alack Ul heard was La Vope’s spirit's maniacal laughter as the soul was sucked into the device, before they were all crushed by the falling temple. Above the temple Magna Terra was splitting apart, into seven

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