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Final Assignment Does “global civil society” pose challenge to the nation-state system? Since, the increasing dynamic of the globalization, the role of civil society, which once located itself within the nation-state, without guarantees the clear positions neither citizen nor state governments, thus, civil society exists in that political space, blurred the boundaries between society and state and be able to shape the direction of government in term of policy or even found themselves in the government position. Civil society naturally seeks to influence society through their owns actions or political institutions by the participation from people . Until the emergence of globalization, in the sense of interconnectedness, increasing interactions…show more content…
The activity of GCS shaped the nation-state’s way indirectly through the global mechanism. Another significance is Global Civil Society uses the networks to gain the information in every level, guarantee that they are more specialized on the issue rather than the national actors. Domestic civil society traverses the nation-state in achieving the goal, cooperating with global civil society launching campaigns to help change global agenda. The nation-state lose traditional role as sole external representatives of those they govern and this weakens in part their claim to legitimacy. Such as, in Burma, the minority groups are provided the assistance form the external sources more than what provided by central government (sometimes there are no provided assistance). In the southern part of Thailand, ADB (Asian Development Bank) work in partnership with a broad range of civil society organization to strengthen its effort to reduce poverty, plays more role on the grassroots level provided the assistance and conflict resolution in more refine way than Thai…show more content…
First, the cultural limitation – not every society in the world can be adjusted to the global norm easily. The concept of civil society is culturally alienated to non-Western societies. As happen in Central Asia, Asia and Africa, the concept still could not traverse beyond the cultural identity (uniqueness) in each particular society such as democratic value or gender equality. The product of civil society by universalize concept of global norm is still debatable in this matter. Secondly, the role of civil society in some sense deters the nature and role of nation-state (according to Westphalian concept), which attempt to make the national integrity, unified society. The state certainly uses coercion, but it does much more in creating and reproducing the social discourse to maintain the status quo and prevent the other threats from outside. So to say, the global civil society has a capacity to polarize the unified society and this threat to the nation-state as well. For example, the pro-democratic civil society (social movement) in Hong Kong, who imported the democratic value (global norm) from westerns threaten to Beijing challenging the sense of national integrity under the existed socialist value, it creates the otherness

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