Women's Role In Civil War

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HISTORY OF CIVIL WAR Civil war is important event in the history of America. Its duration was 1861 to 1865; this war determined the qualities of American’s nation. The main cause of civil war was uncompromising discrimination between the free and slave states. The government at that time wanted to prohibit slavery system in the areas which were not became states. Before civil war women role in society was only limited to the household activities. They dedicated their lives for their families but with the start of civil war more than 400women fought with the army with the vision to get their rights. ROLES OF WOMEN IN CIVIL WAR Women are most important part of our society and when they participate in any historical event they always got appreciation…show more content…
After the success in 1861 federal government wanted to make a sanitary service for the army that was called as United States sanitary commission. Its main objective was to improve hygiene conditions in hospitals and camps of army. It also provided services to sick and ill army soldiers. At the end of war charity of $15 million was given to this commission and main contribution in this collection was made by women. As nurses of army they went from one place to another in different hospitals to give efficient care to sick soldiers. The females that participated as nurses estimated 2000 to 5000.The famous lady in this service was CLARA BARTON, due to her extra ordinary services she was called as “ANGEL OF…show more content…
They gathered different types of valuable information by joining parties and other events. One lady EMELINE PIGOTT bravely crossed the enemy line and gathered information. Other Services: Black and white both American females make contribution to work as cooks, nurses and laundresses. These are all volunteers. They contributed in the war for northern counterparts because they have insufficient money and less resources so female play their role and many things were done by their own; they stitched the uniforms, blankets and supplied it to different regimes. Most of the women were contributing in a way supplying food clothing and medical services. Role of Black Women: Black women were mostly illiterate and less skilled but in the civil war every black woman showed her best abilities, they worked as spies for example, wives tell information to their husbands in coded words which the husbands delivered to the army. As giving military support a few educated black women taught the soldiers. They let the soldiers know how to read. Some women started their work as laundresses and ended as a soldier. Slave women named ROSA participated as a cook but she learned war techniques during her duties and at the end she became a soldier. The women’s who get fame by their

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