Women's Roles During The Civil War Essay

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Our theme of this civil war research project is women’s role during the civil war. So our historical question is ‘What were major roles that women played during the civil war?’ Clara Barton who was a famous hospital nurse during the civil war once said, “I may be compelled to face danger, but never fear it, and while our soldiers can stand and fight, I can stand and feed and nurse them.” Before the civil war, women mainly focused on their domestic life. However, women changed their general role and turned to the outside world by dedicating themselves into the battle during the civil war. Some of them served as nurses, spies and scouts in the home front. Some fought as female soldiers in the frontline. Others set up some organizations to help to meet soldiers’ needs and supplies. Also, there were still…show more content…
One example is the sister of charity. It is catholic religion organization. All of the members are women. This organization helped poor and sick people. ple by supplying them goods, food and shelters. It saved a lot of people’s life. However, there are still some women stayed at home because the leaving of husband gave them more burden to take care if the family. And the society needed women to fill up the gap of lost of men workers. So women also contributed a lot to the development of country during the civil war. After the civil war, women’s role was influenced a lot. Because of women’s active involvement into the war, it gave women more chance to prove their abilities and values. So their social status could be improved. It also greatly stimulated the success of women’s suffrage. To sum up, women turned their role from the domestic life to the outside world during the civil war. They became nurses, spies, scouts, soldiers to participate in the war. They set up organizations to help others. They took previous male’s jobs such as factory workers. All of these helped women got more respect from the

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