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In today’s world the press and media is a reflection of Gene Roberts and Hank Klibanoff’s, The Race Beat: The Press, The Civil Rights Struggle, and The Awakening of a Nation. The role of media is seen from generation to generation. The book records the progression of how the press covered the civil rights movement and the issues and circumstances dealing with race that used the press to its advantage. The story of The Race Beat demonstrates the United States press. It examines decades of overlooking the issues of America’s racism problems and recognizing the significance of the civil rights struggle. This has turned into one of the most important national news events of America’s time. It also examines the roles that the press had…show more content…
In The Race Beat, it introduced a Swedish scholar and economist Gunnar Myrdal who came to United States while working on a study of race relations. As the book moved forward by time it trailed the movement of the post-World War II all the way through the civil rights issues and obstacles in the South. Myrdal recognized by making observations that until the press came and saw what was going on and taking place, the troubles of the blacks in America would be ignored. He predicted that soon as the Northern press went over to the South and started writing about the events that happened, America would be shaken by what they hear, see, and read. He thought that no longer would the difficulties of the African-Americans in America be ignored. His prediction brought the media to mainstream. Though the northern and southern black press uncovered and exposed the Civil Rights Movement to its people, in reality with communication and exposure it would not have been a massive movement without the white northern press that was interested to exploit the descriptions of the racial circumstances that happened during that time. I feel that if it had it not only been for Myrdal’s prediction and the black press exposure of the south, the white northern press would not be what it is today. The media has always…show more content…
Especially in a damaged democracy. As the mainstream press was slow to understanding the significance the civil rights stories and the concept of the civil rights struggle that these individuals endured. No brief analysis of the stories casted in The Race Beat will do justice to the different editors in the press that populated the media during the civil rights movement. This is the reason why it is very important that we look at those like Harry Ashmore, Moses Newsome, Claude Sitton, Emory Jackson and many more who have delivered coverage of the cases like Little Rock and Emmitt Till. The murder of Emmitt Till changed the way of how mainstream press was covered in the South. Many of these editors felt a need to support. America was forced to pay attention to one of the most important human rights movement in modern history. Our images of these stories have shaped us to understand the media coverage today. For an example, I attend Savannah State University. Savannah State University is a Historically Black College and University. If it had not been for the press and the media that took coverage of the civil rights struggle, I don’t think that the plantation that this lustrous university sits on would be represented as a Historic Black College University. The mindset of individuals such as myself came from the spurt of the country’s

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