Comparison: The Hunger Games And Battle Royal

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The Hunger Games and Battle Royal shared some of the similar fundamental plot throughout the film. The movies plays roll that a group of children was chosen to decree to fight each other to death. I selected the scene from both movies where main characters are faced to battle last survivor to conquest the game. Battle Royal made a sense more excited with using cinematography and camera movement where as in Hunger Game they focused on sounds and editing. The story of Battle Royale is, Japanese high school students who misbehave in the school was chosen to fight each other in deserted island for three days. Their mission is to kill each other and whomever the last person to survive the battle allows to leave the island and go home. Before the game starts, government provided students a supply such as map, food and various weapons to protect themselves. Also, if they break the rule the collar that they wear on their neck will explored. The collar also keeps on track where the each student is in the island. The main protagonists are one male and one female student, Shunya and Noriko who survived the battle at the end. Secondary character was Kawada who helped and run away together with Shunya…show more content…
For instance, continuity editing was occurs after Ando explored the fire and three students quickly walk down from the hill. Moreover, cross cutting was capture while Ando and Kawada shooting each other, Shunya and Noriko quickly hide in the grass. Length of individual shots was relatively shorts especially when two students are shooting each other in turn. The beginning of the sense where three students showed up in front of Ando was slow pace until Ando saw other students and trying to shoot them to show intensity and excitement. Right after the Ando which is the last guy was shoot to death the scene changed to black brank screen that shows his name to represent of his

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