Robert Frost Figurative Language

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In Robert Frosts poem”Out Out-” he uses figurative language to create the tone and tell the story in this narrative poem. The main idea of Frosts poem is lifes and death life being represented by the eager youthfulness of the boy and the use of the supper which even the saw understood. Death comes quickly and unexpectedly to even the young and is the ultimate outcome for all. Roberts use of personification is used to turn the saw into a character he uses the saw snarling to show it has feeling and how it feels towards the child it also shows its feeling toward the child by rattling as if its shaking with rage. The saw has to bear the load just like the child so the work can get donell the saw has to drop stove length sticks of wood as to keep the kid working and at the sign for supper the saw jumped from the kids hands. this proves how the personification shows how the saw is a character.…show more content…
The saw snarling in the first line of the poem sets a dangerous tone and anticipates something is going to happen. The snarling and the constant use of “s” sounds reminds the reader that the saw is ever present and angry. The last angre “s” sound ends when the saw attacks the boy. The alliteration of “big boy” indicates that he is big enough to start working but is still a child: The saw attacking a child is totally unacceptable.”little less nothing” is a representation of him phasing in to death the alliteration is broken by the word nothing which is a final absolute
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