Robert Frost Bereft

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Bereft “Bereft,” by Robert Frost, identifies the way the author’s feelings of loneliness are getting so intense he must struggle to gain control over his emotions before they destroy him. The poet himself feels completely alone in the world to the point where he becomes paranoid of the world around him. He believes that everything, even nature has turned hostile towards him.Through imagery and personification, the author is able to describe the cruelty of nature and the way his emotions start to overwhelm his life. In his isolation, the author also identifies that in a man’s most vulnerable moment is when he will look to his faith for help. Through antithesis, the author describes the way that feeling the presence of god as a spiritual companion is enough to give him hope for life.…show more content…
The image of the author looking out from a restive door gives the reader an idea of the anxious and depressive state of mind that the author Is in. At this point, the author feels like he has lost the strength and meaning to continue on living. In his isolation, the author feels as though even nature has turned its back on him and become hostile. Through the author’s use of personification, he identifies the cruelty of nature towards him when stating: “leaves got up in a coil and hissed, blindly struck at my knee and missed”(9-10). By personifying the leaves as snakes that strike at him, the author identifies the way that his isolation as made him feel so vulnerable and helpless that he now fears leaves. His state of mind has gotten worse and he feels as if the world is going against
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