Makenzi Grandchamp Short Story

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“The Secret Life of Makenzi Grandchamp” It is a typical fall Monday morning, Beep! Beep! Beep! That is the sound of my light blue alarm clock. I look at the little red digits it was 6:00. I was still a little sleepy so I jumped in the shower so I could wake up a little. After I took a shower I went into my room and put on my blue and cheetah shirt. Then I put on my black silk skirt. I slid on my black flats. Then I walked into the Kitchen and grabbed some of my favorite cereal. My favorite cereal is Special K. I like the kind with strawberries. If I do not have that kind then I have to cut up my own strawberries. I got in my car and I was on my way to pick up Taylor. If you were wondering i have a black camaro. Taylor lives like 2 minutes away from my house so it is no big deal for me to pick her up. Taylor is still 15 she does not have her license yet or even her permit. I take Mady to school also. Mady is older than me but she crashed her car into a tree. Now she has to save up and by her own car. She just got a job at subway. I am now in the middle of her driveway but she is not. I guess I have to wait but I should have figured she is slow and she is not a morning person. Honk! Honk! Get out of my way . Learn how to drive you idiots. “There is a big car jam in front of me” I say into my radio. My…show more content…
We are studying the Revolutionary War. Mady raised his hand and asked the stupidest question when he was called upon. Mady said “What is the Revolutionary War?” Then the whole entire class started to crack up laughing. Mr. Sharkozy was so mad and annoyed that he sent him down to the office to get a referral. Taylor Itzel and I were so annoyed by the stupid kids in our class who sit in the backrow and make noises. Once that class ended me and Taylor walked down to Science. In science we watched a video about the Scientific Theory. That was boring. Then shortly after that video we went to lunch.

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