Alliteration In Those Winter Sundays

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Rothschild, Ty Poem Explication English II (Professor Johnson) “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden “Those Winter Sundays” is a poem that was published in 1962 by the poet Robert Hayden. The poem is considered a “Sonnet-Style” poem that uses alliteration, and also contains many hard consonants within its body. The speaker shows a balance of love and regret while speaking of his remembrance of his father, particularly on Sunday mornings. “Those Winter Sundays” qualifies as a sonnet style poem in the basic sense that it has 14 lines. However, it is not purely sonnet considering that not all of the lines have ten and syllables. The poem doesn’t really rhyme, and it also does not have a regular meter. The poet uses alliteration in parts of the poem, such as…show more content…
“Those Winter Sundays” is a poem that makes you think twice about the little things that people who you are close to do for you. The speaker starts out talking about how is father would get up early on Sunday mornings and got up in the “blueblack cold” and began working. The speaker uses the phrase “blueback cold” (synesthesia), to give you a better since of imagery by linking a color to a physical feeling. The term “blueback” gives you a sense of being cold, which ties into the rest of the poem, and makes you understand the struggle that his father went through with stronger imagery. The speaker goes on to describe how his father has “cracked hands that ached” which suggests that his father was a hardworking man at his regular job, and was working hard even on his day off to make sure that his family was having comfort. The ending of the following line, which states “No one ever thanked him.” Tells what the poem is actually about. That statement shows that it wasn’t until later in life that the speaker realized what his father actually did too support his family, and that still bothers the speaker in the present time. The speaker goes on to talk about how he would awake

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