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The thundering sound shatters my eardrums, making my blood run cold, but that’s not what really scares me. What really scares me is the sharp hot sensation of a speeding bullet ripping through my hair, across my cheek and straight towards Daemn. I drop to the ground, the people around me screaming and running. Panic spreads through the crowd like a wildfire. For a bunch of people with supernatural abilities, they’re easily scared off by one little gun. Cowards. Adrenaline pulses through my veins and as I stare back down at my hands. They’re trembling. My entire body is trembling. That was too close. My cheek stings from the heat of the bullet, but it isn’t bleeding. There’s a small red burn streak on my cheek. I just sit there, inhaling deeply. I almost died and I’m just sitting here.…show more content…
I should be moving? I should be running away with all the confusion is happening. It’s the perfect cover. I don’t. Instead, I slowly stand up and turn towards where the gun went off. I should be running, but I want to know who tried to kill me. The screams turn into hushed whispers as I block the rest of the world out. At first, I don’t see the shooter; I only see people screaming and running. There are guards scrambling forwards, trying to control the chaos. My eyes find the one person, who’s not running. He stands, facing me. His eyes are red hot with rage, and his clothes are burned, but his skin isn’t. He still holds the gun in one hand and in the other, he has something else, pointed it at me. He looks familiar. I don’t quite remember why he looks so familiar until he grins and my mind clicks. Whitefang. It’s Officer Whitefang. He’s alive. He survived the explosion and came out

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