Choosing The Book 'Rocket Boys'

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I read mostly mystery books and adventure books of the books that are murder mystery and runaway mystery. I like this kind of genres because it pulls me right into the story and it feels like i am acting the story out. I Choose the book Rocket Boys and the reason that I chose this book is because I like all flying things and one day I want to fly these things in my life and that’s one reason, and the second reason is the word rocket caught my eye and also because it is a bestselling memoir for a film and this quote caught my eye “ A THOROUGHLY CHARMING MEMOIR…. [AN] ELOQUENT EVOCATION OF LOST TIME AND PLACE.” -The New York times. the book has 8 pages of real life pictures of the characters in the book so that was cool. I wanted to know how life was then compared to now was it hard, was it easy, how did they make the rockets did the encourage them and all that kind of things.…show more content…
The topic of the remind me what I want to do when I grow up .One question that I want to ask the author why did you write this book I hope that this book will provide the information how they made the rockets and what chemicals they used and how cool it was to make something that they probably never seen in their life. How did the first try or the first flight turned out to

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