Rivalry In Romeo And Juliet

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The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet want to end the rivalry between there familys. After they got married at first sight sense then it has been a horrible unforgiving stuggle with there familys hatred. they made a decision to fake Julie's death and runaway from Everything there family's friends Verona so Juliet could not marry Paris. both Romeo and Juliet took there lives out of their love to be together to the end and to finnally end there parents hatred between there family's. Romeo got his friend Mercutio mmurdered by mistake,so Mercutio crushed both houses in angerfor making a grave man(pg121 line90-95).After Mercutios death became furious wiThe tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet want to end the rivalry…show more content…
Benvolio stood at the front of the crowd to speak the truth and to defend Romeo. Benvolio did save Romeos life only to be banished by the prince. This tourtured Romeo because he could not be with his wife and almost killed himselve if the priest was not there to stop him from killing himselve(pg125) What if Mercutio lived and Romeo was not banished from Verona and Juliet was not supposed to marry Paris they could have lived together in peace with no death or hatred between family's a generation could be saved.If Mercutio and benvolio did not contribute like they did this play would have not been the same.Bothof them contributed in more ways then people tend to realize if they did not make the decisions they did this would not be the same tragedy but not as moving. even though Mercutio dies and Romeo is banished from Verona and the people he loves both of them tried so hard to be together even with all the adversity Benvolio and Mercutio contributed to the travedy of Romeo and
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