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It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No it’s just an advertisement on a billboard! Advertisements are everywhere and sometimes not even noticed because they are so common. Is this a good thing? Or a bad thing? Many arguments exist on both sides, but the use of advertising is positive along with it’s effects which include informing, educating, and helping. Not all advertisements are about cigarettes and degradation of females like many will generalize them to be. There are many positive aspects belonging to these huge billboards and seemingly endless commercial breaks. One aspect being support for an organization or product, whatever it may be. With the spread of acknowledgement across the globe through social media, television, literature, and simple roadside billboards, the intended effect is to gain support for the advertiser. Many of these can be related to good causes as seen with the American Red Cross (Source A). These advertisements help…show more content…
This is also beneficial for getting messages across like “Say No to Drugs” or a proposition. For example, the cigarette battle has been a major success and was accomplished through ads (Source B). With all of this advertising, these messages and education can become more influential. Manipulation is a big part of advertising. Much time is dedicated to researching the audience and it’s appeals. However, when an advertisement is seen, the power, or reaction, lies within the viewer. Nothing is being forced. The effect will only work if by choice. The viewers affected allow the words to get to them. When it comes down to it, the viewer makes the decision. As for setting standards, the companies can try to set them with the studying of popular culture and/or ideas (Source D), but the true power lies with the audience responds,agreeing or

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