Comparing The Pilgrims And The Puritans

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The Pilgrims and the Puritans were both instrumental factions on shaping America as we know it today. From the economic and religious stand points to even the way we govern today. Both sects have firmly cemented their foothold in the foundation of America with their impact. In order to properly understand this, one as to look at both sects in depth, see their differences and even their likenesses to know where they stood in the shaping of how America is today. The Pilgrims were a people that established the Mayflower Compact while still aboard the Mayflower boat, before anchored at Provincetown Harbor (“Plymouth Colony – Concervapedia, “April, 11, 2015). The Mayflower Compact was the first document what established a form of government amongst the English religious separatists also known as the Pilgrim…show more content…
They turned to the model of the their own congregational churches as the basis for government, which is interesting due to the fact that they were deserters of the Church of England due to not wanting persecution under Queen Elizabeth I and the successor to the crown King James I. So the Pilgrims fled from England to Holland and eventually after making the Mayflower Compact landed in America. Their religious beliefs poured over into everything they did in their day to day lives. Their economic impact was great on society for that time. There where famers and fisheries that helped build the economy during the time. They started trade with the Indians which allowed them to establish a report with them that would last for quite a while. The Pilgrims were well on their way, they established the first elections in America, by electing the colonies first Governor and his cabinet (“Plymouth Colony – Conservapedia,” April, 11, 2015). If you go all the way down to the lowest

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