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Antigone Determination Antigone shows determination when she decides to bury her brother Polynices against creon's law and will, standing up for her beliefs, and committing suicide as to please the gods. Antigone herself has an enormous amount of determination as it shows more and more throughout the play. She buries the brother she loves Polynices. She also stands up for what she believes in and she doesn’t care what others have to say for she does what is right to her and not anybody else. As a last action of defiance fueled by determination Antigone commits suicide as to please the gods. She states “I will bury the brother I love” (Prologue Line 67), and once Antigone has set her mind on something it really shows, how she is willing…show more content…
Determination can be a person's greatest trait it can be used to accomplish amazing things but it can also lead you in the wrong direction sometimes. Antigone doesn’t exactly go in the wrong direction but because of her extreme determination to bury her brother she is caught and taken before Creon. Once before Creon Antigone states “It was not God’s proclamation. That final Justice that rules the world below makes no such laws. Your edict, King, was strong, But all your strength is weakness itself against the immortal unrecorded laws of God. They are not merely now: they were, and shall be, Operative for ever, beyond man utterly. I knew I must die, even without your decree: I am only mortal. And if I must die now, before it is my time to die, Surely this is no hardship: can anyone Living, as I live, with evil all about me, Think Death less than a friend? This death of mine is of no importance; but if I had left my brother lying in death unburied, I should have suffered. Now I do not. You smile at me. Ah Creon, Think me a fool, if you like; but it may well be that a fool convicts me of folly”(Scene 1 Line(s) 356-375). This not only shows that Antigone is not only determined by she will stop at nothing to stand up for what she believes in. Death doesn’t even seem to bother her at all as long as its for what she believes in, she even states that is she

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