Do Romeo And Juliet Have Their Own Fate

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Some people say "Each man creates his own fate." William Shakespeare created this ironic but tragic play. He practically grasped the readers attention and does not let it go. William makes the readers truly think about the meaning of his words. Romeo and Juliet have this amazing passion for each other. They know they will have to hide it for the sake of the rivalry. Romeo and Juliet must choose their own fate. They just might not know their decisions will take a bad twist. The Nurse has a huge effect on the tragedy. The Nurse told Juliet to marry Paris. " I think it best you married with the County. O, he's a lovely gentleman! (Pg. 171)" If the Nurse helped Juliet while she was begging, maybe she would not have to fake her own death. The Nurse knew Juliet was happiest with Romeo. She could have done what was right for the both of them. Instead she turned on Juliet when she was the last person she had. Basically it was a slap in the face to Juliet because she was on her knees pleading. After her lowest point she had no idea what to do.…show more content…
He knows his plans are soon to be distoryed by fate. " And this distilling liquor drink thou off. (Pg. 183)" All it took was his words to make Juliet desire the potion. Friar could have found a better alternative. Juliet probably would not even think of the potion if he did not say anything. Maybe Romeo and Juliet could have a chance if Friar looked at things differently. Balthasar had a small but important part in the play. He gave Romeo the news that Juliet was "dead". " Her body sleeps in Capel's momument, And her immortal part with angel lives. ( Act 5 sc.1)" If Balthazar would have minded his own business, Romeo would still be alive.Only a few minutes later Romeo would recieve the letter from Friar. Even though Romeo is his master, he should not have stuck his nose in places they should not be. It would have been better if Balthazar just kept
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