Who Is Responsible For Romeo's Downfall

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Taylor swift once said, “We should love, not fall in love because everything that falls gets broken”. In the tale of two lovers, Romeo fell so deeply in love that his fate and flaws attributed to the death of Juliet and himself. Romeo was smitten and this led to the result of his rash thoughts and actions. His unfortunate yet exceptional life as a Montague also led to issues being that Juliet and himself came from two different households. The passion and impulse of Romeo made it hard for him to put aside feeling and emotion also contributing to the downfall of his and Juliet’s life. Passion and impulse are two reputable words to describe young Romeo. Romeo exhibits both emotions by saying “My life were better ended by their hate Than death prorogued, wanting of thy love” (Shakespeare 840). This abrupt yet affectionate saying showed that Romeo cared not about what her family would do to him in regards of being with Juliet but more for the love of her. Romeo fell so deeply in love with Juliet that he lost all feeling for what reasonable actions he could undergo to be with her. The mindless acts and…show more content…
When Romeo is obligated to sneak behind the back of the Capulet family he risks his and Juliet’s life. This unfortunate happening of meeting the love of his life “a Capulet” does not stop Romeo from pursuing with his affection towards Juliet, it only puts him in more crises. As Romeo says “with loves light wings did I o’erperch these walls; For stony limits cannot hold love out, And what love can do, that dares love attempt. Therefore my kinsmen are no stop to me”(839). Romeo holds no fear of the mix of their two households as shown in his expressive words. He sees past the hateful rivalry even know it puts forth an obstruction in his love with Juliet. This shows the infatuated mind of

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