Waves In Romeo And Juliet

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“Waves” - Mr. Probz Love enters Romeo and Juliet’s lives like waves. It is an impactful yet gentle force that neither can stop and their futures are completely dictated by the waves that are their love. Before they know it, their love uncontrollably expands its influence on their lives and they are “slowly drifting away (drifting away)/ Wave after wave.” “Faithfully” - Journey Through all the adversaries throughout the play, Romeo and Juliet continuously remain faithful to their love. Such is to a degree of disobeying their parents, secretly getting married, and even choosing death over life without each other. Their faithfulness to each other is summarized within the chorus of “Faithfully,” which goes; “I'm forever yours, ever yours....Faithfully.”…show more content…
“Bleeding Love” is a great song to accompany the play as Romeo and Juliet’s mentality coincides with the chorus which goes; “I don't care what they say, I'm in love with you/ They try to pull me away, but they don't know the truth.” They are unaffected by others’ voices on their relationship and are determined to preserve it. “Vorrei” - 4tu While the play is written in English, “Romeo and Juliet” takes place in Verona, a historic city of Italy. Consequently, it is logical that a slow-paced Italian Ballad song well accompanies the play. Furthermore, the lyrics of “Vorrei” perfectly summate Romeo and Juliet’s feelings for each other as it is about an individual wanting to give his lover happiness. “Something I Need” - OneRepublic The lyrics of “Something I Need” directly relates to the dynamics of the relationship between Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet are essential to each other’s existence and would rather die than not be with each other. Consequently, the part of the lyrics in which its connection to the play is the best shown is: “And if we only die once/ I wanna die with you.” They covet each other’s love to the point that they would rather die than not be with each

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