Ritual Fire Short Story

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Ritual fire The Ritual fire blazes in a crimson hue, Reflecting the anger seething within me A day of celebration, it is But my eyes show chagrin. I have given up fighting. I have given up my mind, my soul and my body. I am compelled to tie the knot with an unknown man, who is twice my age. I must worship him, obey him respect him and serve him. He sits with me near the sacred fire, Absorbing the mantras slowly Does he not realize his folly? My ripen years will be surrounded With dark clouds Dark clouds of slavery! I have to stand up against this illogical happening. But my hands are tied. I am a weak creature In this male dominated society. Silence As death tolls in, Tears roll down his eyes.…show more content…
I am afraid- afraid of life For life is a blessing But patience is tested. I am trying to avoid evil I am trying to avoid mirages But mirages cannot be avoided. But evil cannot be avoided. People like them Girls like her are not well provided with They are seen as filths by filthy men Girls like her are advised to obey They are hoped to be faithful maids. Girls like her are not sent to school, for them, is a distant luxury. Girls like them don’t play with dolls They play with fire. People like them are found everywhere They cry for a better place to live in. Boys like them are thought to be big and burly. A moustache and a big body is a sign of masculinity. Boys like him are trained to deal with arsenal Wrecking lives by firing from illegal rifles. Boys like him are forced to be miscreants. They love frightening people with their shenanigans Boys like him, they mislead people. They squeeze money out of innocent citizens. People like him are found everywhere. They cry for a better place to live in. Stop never O Birdie, where does your flight to take you/ Is it to London or is it to Timbuktu? With migratory wings and great aviation
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