Sentence Structure Essay

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INTRODUCTION Basically, a sentence is that construction in grammar that delivers complete meaning and makes complete sense. In English grammar, Sentences can be classified either on the basis of their structure or on the basis of semantics. Proper acquaintance with the kinds of sentences helps one to vary his/her manner of writing to suit one's audience, content, and purpose. CLASSIFICATION ON THE BASIS OF SENTENCE STRUCTURE On the basis of structure, sentences can be classified into three categories; 1. Simple sentences It is a construction, which consists of just a single main clause. Example; We like pizza. 2. Compound sentences It consists of more than one main clauses and these main clauses are usually connected to each other by a conjunction coordinator (and, but, or, for, nor, so, or yet) or a comma or a…show more content…
CLAUSES As discussed earlier, a sentence is the most basic unit used for communication and delivery of proper meaning. Clauses and phrases are the sub parts of a sentence. In English language, a sentence usually has two constituents; a subject and a predicate. The subject is the identifier of the topic of the sentence and the predicate is part that comments on that topic. The subject is usually associated with the doer and consists of noun or pronoun or a phrase or clause that acts like a noun, whereas the predicate indicates the action and includes a verb. So, a clause is that construction in English which consists of both; a subject and a predicate. Whereas a Phrase is a group of words without a subject-verb component, it is used as a single part of speech. For Example; 1. Goes to school. In the above mentioned construction, goes to school is a verb phrase (consisting of a verb and a noun phrase) which can act as a predicate but the doer i.e. the subject of the action is missing. And so the construction can be called a phrase but not a
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