Richard Nixon's Watergate Scandal

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Richard Nixon was the 37th president of the United States from 1969 until his resignation in 1974. During this time moral majority came into being. This was a political organization who later was no longer existent. During his presidency he provided the country wirth acts, policies and improve relation with foreign countries. However, he was also involved in the known, ‘Watergate Scandal’. The president is considered to have Executive Privilege once they claim the executive branch. During the time Nixon was president, OPEC formed. They are a company who regulate and enforce gas prices. The fossil fuel during this time was very competitive and therefore the United States supported Israel and would send very little to no product to OPEC. Nixon…show more content…
troop from South Vietnam during the Vietnam war and having the Vietnamese government be responsible for their own country and war resolution. Nixon then had to face many problems and used detente in order to ease relations with foreign countries. For example, Nixon visited China because he wanted to improve relations with China over the Cold War and the administration wanted to have strategic and diplomatic rapprochement with the country. Moreover, he also dealt with the Mutual Assured Doctrine, which was a policy that spoke on nuclear weapons being able to wipe out both the attacker and defender. On May 1972, Nixon and Brezhnev from Moscow, limited anti-ballistic missiles into two departments with the SALT I agreement. After the U.S. backed Israel in its war against Syria and Egypt which had been trying to regain territory lost in the Six-Day War, the Arab nations imposed an oil embargo, which strictly limited oil in the U.S. and caused a fuel crisis. As if that wasn't enough, he was also involved in the Watergate Scandal which involved the abuse of power and bribery, The scandal was when people broke into the Democratic National Committee under the direction of White House…show more content…
Pardon Nixon was when they granted Nixon pardon for all his crimes he committed against the United States as President.These scandals led to the unanimous decision to impeach Nixon, yet he resigned and Gerald Ford took over. Ford as a president did not last long. He was in office for only three years. On the other hand, when he was in office, there was an agreement passed. This agreement became known as Helsinki Accords. This agreement basically finalized the conferences held by ford. Jimmy Carter was the next president after Ford. He was president when the Camp David Accords took action. These camps were frameworks in the white house. They dealt with peace treaties between Egypt and Israel. The Iran Hostage Crisis was when students who took classes in Israel took Americans into hostage. The GPS launched also during Carter’s term in office. This basically was a radionavigation system that was created by Carter himself. The Rise of the Sun Belt was when Carter captured some electoral votes. This helped him get into office. To conclude, inflation worsened by the time Carter left office. The last president throughout this time was Ronald Reagan. He was in office from 1981-

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