Watergate Scandal

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Watergate: The Scandal That Rocked The Nation Watergate was the biggest scandal in The United States of America that completely rocked the nation. Political corruption was continuously being brought to national attention. Political parties would continue to be divided further. The Presidential office was constantly being questioned and many suspicions would rise against the president and his administration. The Watergate scandal had a tremendous impact on American History by bringing national attention to political corruption, furthering divided political parties, and questioning the credibility of the presidential office. The Watergate scandal brought national attention to political corruption. Several members of the Nixon Administration…show more content…
Nixon’s election on November 11, 1972 was a huge win for him, he had most of Americas support and he was very popular. His actions would soon change that popularity in the worst way possible, thus causing him to lose much needed support, and ultimately the loss of his job. Nixon lied about many things that involved the scandal. All these lies would be the downfall of the presidency of Richard Nixon. Nixon stated that nobody in his administration was involved in the scandal even though they were (u-s). Nixon preformed illegal actions in order for him to cover up the scandal and keep his good name and job in the government. Nixon lied to the people of America and tried to keep secrets from us. He tried to keep his tape recordings from The Criminal Division of the Justice Department after they subpoenaed the recordings. He tried to claim the power executive privilege so he could keep the recordings secret. Nixon was very protective over the tapes and really did not want to let go of them. He eventually handed over the tapes revealing more suspicions and controversy with the government. There was about an 18 minute gap in the recordings that Nixon could not explain (u-s). Congress was getting very close to impeaching Nixon by charging him with obstruction of justice, which is the first article of impeachment. On August 8th, 1974 President Richard Nixon resigned from office (Watergate). The next president, Gerald Ford, decided to pardon Nixon of all of the crimes that were related to the Watergate Scandal (u-s). Richard Nixon’s presidency came to a hard bitter end that will always be remembered throughout the course of

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