The Pros And Cons Of Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology is a word that seems very futuristic and far into the future, but the reality is that nanotechnology is one of the fastest advancing fields in the world right now. A definition of nanotechnology could be: “The science of working with atoms and molecules to build devices (such as robots) that are extremely small “ - So basically incredibly small pieces of functional systems by humans. An example of nanotechnology could be found in toothpaste, in which there are nanoparticles of calcium-based minerals which help fill the microscopic cracks in dental Emanuel. After being introduced to nanotechnology, it might seem like we are about to be hit with a wave of amazing new technologies that will make our lives easier in more than a few…show more content…
But nanotechnology has more than just potential. Nanotechnology is already something we use in a ton of different areas. From cosmetics which makes you look pretty, to the coating used for a sofa to keep unwanted liquid substances out of the leather, and various dental products - nanotechnology is already in our lives. To the average person it might feel like a new thing. However already in 1986, Kim Eric Drexler theorized in his book, Engines of Creating, that nanotechnology will allow for a revolution on a massive scale in fields such as artificial intelligence, medicine and the conquest of space. A medical example, currently being developed partly due to nanotechnology is a new way of drug delivery, which involves nanoparticles specifically targeting diseased cells and curing them - for example cancer cells. If you do research you can quickly find a lot of arguments that supports both sides of nanotechnology, however it is more difficult to find a source which is totally unbiased. No matter if you support the positive or you support the negative effects of nanotechnology, it is something that is going to become an increasingly bigger part in our lives. That is the reality we are facing, which is because there is so much potential in nanotechnology. One could argue that the potential might be so great, that is it worth taking massive risks to invent new uses for

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