Saviour Siblings Be Banned: Article Analysis

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People dream of one day having a child to raise and call their own. Sometimes this dream comes true, but with a cost. A child can develop any number of deathly diseases and illnesses and there is nothing we can do about it… Until now. The technology has been developed for preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to be able to create saviour siblings in order to save an existing child’s life. Some believe this is the wrong thing to do ethically, and they feel sympathy for the saviour sibling for they believe he or she will not be treated equally. Sally Sheldan and Stephen Wilkinson’s article “Should Selecting Saviour Siblings Be Banned?” is primarily driven by pathos and ethos in that it brings out the emotions we feel towards the subject of…show more content…
Sheldan and Wilkinson state that “if we allow (as we should) that these people, faced with extraordinarily unfavorable circumstances, have lives worth living, then surely we must also allow that most saviour siblings will have lives worth living too” (Sheldan and Wilkinson 86). This questions the ethics of those who believe that because someone is a saviour sibling, they should not have a life worth living. Everyone should be treated equally, no matter what they were brought into this world for—to please a grandparent, to save a marriage, to save a life, etc. There is no reason someone’s life should not be worth living. This bring about the emotion of sadness through talking about those living with extraordinarily unfavorable circumstances (and comparing that to living as a saviour sibling) as well as the idea of a child having a life that is not worth living. When you are young, everything about life should be happy and carefree, not sad, and the idea that a child is not happy with their life can make a person sad. Also the idea that a saviour sibling is compared to a person with extraordinarily unfavorable circumstances is beyond sad as there is nothing unfavorable about being a saviour sibling. You are a lifesaving gift, and that is extraordinary in

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