Pan Am Game Analysis

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This passed summer; the city of Toronto was fortunate enough to host this year’s Pan Am games. Our city experienced great sales in all areas: restaurants to hotels, to bars and our attractions such as Ripley’s Aquarium. Not only were visitors grabbing things on the go, but also most of the Pan Am athletes. While planning the games, the human resource department had opened up many job opportunities, and volunteer experience for students. Overall, the Pan Am games of 2015 went over very well in all departments. This article had caught my interest because there is a lot of work that goes into planning these games. Hosting them in Toronto went over as a great success thanks to the management, but also because of the human resource. Human resource had decided that instead of hiring for the sixteen days, they would let students volunteer. Not only did this save them a ton of money, but they also gave students a chance to get volunteer experience. On the Pan Am website, under the employment option, it states, “All opportunities are short term and we are looking for diverse backgrounds including venue management, protocol, transportation,…show more content…
The Pan Am games were posting advertisements on Facebook as well about hiring interns for their human resource department. The textbook states, “The advantage of using social networking for recruitments purposes is the opportunity to connect with millions of other users at little or no cost.” (Dessler, 2005) Pan Am games advertisement was mostly from social media: Tweets, Instagram pin-up posts, and Facebook statuses. Each social media update had the attached application. Also, the games’ advertisement to get people excited and ready for the games was intermingled with want ads. They used the technique of combining ads for the games and creating want

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