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The Watergate Scandal was one of the greatest acts on investigative journalism. On July 17, 1972 police were called to the office of the Democrat National Committee located in the Watergate building in Washington D.C. due to a sign of burglary. Their police found tape covering locks on doors, and five men were arrested and charged with attempted burglary and attempting to bug phone lines (History.com 2015). The burglars had thousands of dollars in their pockets and police know this was no ordinary burglary. Each of the men were traced back to be related to the Committee to Re-elect the President. Through sources all evidence traced back to President Richard Nixon. Over the next two years, investigators began investigating the issue and found…show more content…
Investigators found that Nixon had been talking about the burglary and the cover up. Nixon new he was sure to be facing impeachment, so in August 8, 1974 Nixon resigned as president. Six weeks later Gerald Ford was sworn into presidency, and pardoned Nixon for any crimes he had committed while in office. In a way the Watergate Scandal helped the political system. Congress began making a series of laws that began anew era of government accountability. Four years after the scandal the 1978 Ethics in Government Act was passed. It authorized the use of special prosecutors appointed by a panel of federal judges to investigate allegations of misconduct by the President and other high government officials.. Over the next two decades such special prosecutors, renamed independent counsels performed at least twenty investigations in 1983. Some of the investigations were highly controversial, such as, Kenneth W. Starr’s probe on DID WATERGATE HELP THE POLITICAL SYSTEM OR HURT THE POLITICAL SYSTEM IN AMERICA President Bill Clinton that began in 1994. Some observers concluded that the independent 3 counsel statue was fatally flawed, several months later the law authorizing the

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