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In the past years there have been through many problems with Britain and we have fought for so many years for the day we finally got independent from them. In 1774 the American’s decided to take action against British and hit them were it most hurt on them, their resources. We infiltrate into a ship and started to throw tea away into the sea and destroy the ship. After this British started to get mad since they didn’t like the idea of them losing money because of our actions; they decided to take immediate action and create new laws. These laws were called the Intolerable Acts, which took away rights from us the American people and self-government of the 13 colonies. There were 6 new laws, which were: Quebec, Stamp, Boston-Port, Quartering,…show more content…
The British at first sent 700 troops there to destroy the whole weapons stash the rebels had. When the British arrived, the Americans were informed that they were coming. William Dawes and Paul Revere were both the saviors of all the rebels. A small group of rebels tried to stop the British at Lexington were they were all driven off. The British later moved to fight to Concord to reach Boston after. The colonists started to use Indian fighting methods to defeat the British. The redcoats still defeated the Americans, but since many troops of the British were defeated then it was considered a good encouraging start of the war between American and…show more content…
This was a battle done by militia and redcoats. 16,000 militiamen from the New England Colonies were gathering up to try and stop the British. Militiamen were untrained men, which were just simple citizens fighting for patriotism. After they gathered up they decided to go to Breed’s Hill to fight the redcoats. Then the fierce fight started and there were many deaths. Many losses for the militia and it ended when the militia ran out of gunpowder so they had to fleet. The Americans knew that British outnumbered them, and the possibilities of them defeating them were very little. They decided to do an Olive Branch Petition which was this petition asking for peace. The petition was sent to the king of England, King George. Americans were just looking for peace and harmony, but wanted to taxation to stop. King George decided to reject this petition because he wanted the 13 colonies under his power. The declaration of war was made, and now it was official. After the declaration of war made by Britain, the Americans knew the only possibility of the winning the war was for waiting the French and their troops to support them on this battle. When French arrive the British are forced to leave Boston because they were losing too many men. French and other European countries supported Americans secretly, but when they arrived the war was starting to make a drastic

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