Symbolism In The Complete Persepolis

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The graphic novel, The Complete Persepolis, written by Marjane Satrapi recounts the experiences that Marjane has growing up during the Islamic Revolution. For women in Iran, the mandatory veil is a constant reminder of oppression. For Marji however, wearing the veil symbolizes the repression and serves to focus her individuality into direct opposition of the forced conformity. Despite the repressive veil, her rebellion against other societal restrictions, and the restrictive ideologies behind the veil, Marji continues to remain herself. The veil is a key image during the novel, which helps distinguish the control the Islamic Revolution is proposing among the people of Iran. The veil symbolizes repression for Marji, but also supports her rebellion****…show more content…
After hanging up some posters in her room she decides to go to a local store and buy some tapes. Dressed in accessories that are forbidden in public, she proceeds to the store anyways. She states, “I put my 1983 Nikes on, and my denim jacket with the Michael Jackson button, and of course my head scarf”(131). This emphasizes her rebellion by going out with unacceptable accessories on, but still wearing the veil. Marji also wears makeup while meeting her boyfriend near a shopping centre. When she sees officials near she says, “If they see me with lipstick they’ll take me away”(287). This shows the severity of punishment if found in public with makeup on. Marji also verbally rebels in class. Her teaches announces that there are no more prisoners since the Islamic Republic was founded. Marji replies, “My uncle was imprisoned by the Shahs regime . . .” she continues, “We’ve gone from 3000 prisoners under the shah to 300,000 under your regime. How dare you lie to us like that”(144). This shows her rebellion in class despite the veil on her head. Marji also rebels against the veil itself and the ideologies it

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