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“Nothing Daunted” by Dorothy Wickenden, published by Scribner, has become a popular read for many Americans. To Dorothy Woodruff and Rosamond Underwood, her closest friend, the American West seems as distant as anything they have ever heard of. Dorothy Wickenden’s charming family account, “Nothing Daunted,” where two dauntless society girls from New York decide to travel west to get away from their normal, everyday lives, engages the reader from the very beginning. Wickenden, the executive editor of the New Yorker, has come up with her own story entailing her family’s history. She Gathered details from a treasure of family letters, she gives a charmingly intricate tale of the west. Dorothy and Rosamond grew up in the 1800’s, during the time of the industrial boom. Both women grew up Auburn, N.Y., and would be known for their beauty and place in society. Dorothy and Ros grew up very differently and their personalities were different because of their upbringing. “Yet they had grown up surrounded by the descendants of some of the most prominent reformers in American history, including the suffragists who organized the first women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls” (Wickenden 66). Dorothy was…show more content…
As the story of Dorothy and Ros advances, women were fighting to concentrate on medical school and were forced to listen to professors from places that others could not see them. During this time, the Ute Indians were disqualified from their lands. Mostly, this book offers a story of eager children from Elkhead, who had to physically work to get to the schoolhouse to learn. These students were eager to learn because at the top of this hill, there were two women who opened a new world of learning for them. Ros and Dorothy put all their energy into this schoolhouse and their students, but they also wanted romance. Both teachers eventually found love and married at the end of the

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