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When watching television many children are being exploited by food companies. Hundreds of food companies are using children innocence minds in order to increase their profits.Even the food that claim to be heart and provides brain power to kids are not actually test. Many of us do not question if they are telling to true,because they are a well known company. That has an established company that is well known. Michael Moss book “Salt, Sugar, Fat”is about the impact of how food companies are advertising to children with unhealthy foods. The book is an overall call for us the consumers to prevent us from staying trapped by food companies. Moss wants consumers to be inform about the way corporations use tactics to make us crave their products. I believe that the beginning of the book was write to get consumer to double check what they put in their mouth and become healthier by being aware.…show more content…
We know that a lot of the food we consume is unhealthy, but we still crave them and eat them. “Within Coke they referred to their best customers not as you might think consumers' or 'loyal fans' or something like that. They became known as 'heavy users (Moss).” No matter how much is sugar is added to a product are products will always want more. One of the biggest corporation Coca Cola has perfected the “bliss point”. Others have tired to make a product close to Coca Cola and actually have it exceeded, but never have been able to reach their success. A huge example of how corporation do not care about consumer is how Jeffrey Dunn change of mind on Coca Cola products. After he trip to brazil that was purposely make to promote Coca Cola he knew that the Brazilian people need many thing, but did not need the unhealthiness of Coke products. Health being is his mind he tried to get the big corporation to make their drinks healthier, which actually got him

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