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Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia is category of brain diseases. Dementia describes a set of symptoms include memory loss, difficulty learning, ability to writing and thinking clearly, and changes in mood and personality. There are many types of dementia. The main type of dementia is Alzheimer's disease (AD) that named after German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer who descried the cause of this disease (1). A person who have AD become more hostile, symptoms development, and more damage in brain over time, so that mean AD is a progressive disease (2). AD affects the body in three different stages earliest stages, middle stages, and late stages. AD is neurological disorder that damage brain. AD caused by tangle proteins around the brain cells, so brain cells can not communicate with one another and die (2). The death of brain cell caused change in memory, attitude, and mood. There is some risk factor may increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Age is greatest risk factor for AD most people who have AD are over 65 age (3). Also, family history is another risk factor a person who have one of family member with AD are more likely to have AD than a person who have not member family with AD because genetics. share lifestyle, and environment may paly a roll (3).…show more content…
The main common symptoms in earliest stage are difficult to remember new or recent information, inability to understanding, remember familiar faces, and making decision. Also, writing and spelling error and difficult to say common word while speaking. However, a person with earliest stage of AD can feed and shower without help. In the middle stages and late stages symptoms become more serious. Change in personality and behavior. A person becomes more severe and aggressive, and may be lost if left alone. Alzheimer’s patient in late stage will need help in their daily

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