Argumentative Essay On Designer Babies

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Abstract Prior to conception, designer babies, or genetically engineered/modified babies, are created through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, (PDG) in order to prevent genetic diseases and inherited medical conditions; however, this procedure is expensive, prejudice between “Designer” and “non-designer” children will arise and if the process is not done carefully, the embryo could be terminated. This paper will express to the readers that designing babies due to disease is ethical yet altering a baby's appearance and abilities, that are desirable to the parent, is unethical. This paper begins with background information on Designer babies, then highlights the key factors of why it is not beneficial to the world. This paper briefly explains…show more content…
DESIGNER BABIES 3 Designer Babies The advancement of genetic modification has been more apparent since DNA has been discovered, since one discovery leads to another, in science, the possibility that DNA technology will advance in ways that can change our world, for better or worse, is not as shocking as we thought. "It has been possible for some time to implant a specific embryo that has certain desired genetic traits. However, the availability of genome mapping at a reasonable cost opens up a new world of potential "designer babies." (Mahoney, 2010) Scientists use advanced reproductive technology, cell and chromosome manipulation, and genetics & genomics, in order to create what the…show more content…
"No doubt that embryo selection will go well beyond the avoidance of genetically linked disorders and allow parents to choose attributes such as intelligence, height, looks, temperament, and athletic ability." (Pekkanen, 2010). As many people suggest that playing God is ethically wrong; PGD is not virtuous if parents use this technology for superficial purposes; deliberately seeking out a blonde haired, blue eyed baby for appearance concerns. Having a baby is supposed to be a beautiful experience, so designing a baby that is completely healthy, eliminates any uniqueness. "These technologies, while exciting, raise tough questions too—about newborn and fetal rights, the possibility of genetic discrimination, and where, ultimately, we should draw the line when it comes to genetic tinkering." (Moyer, 2014) Although, engineering babies, genetically, allows parents to give their child a healthy life, with better opportunities for the future, the process has many cons. If the procedure is done incorrectly, the embryo could be terminated, this procedure is rather expensive, and prejudice between “Designer” and “nondesigner” children will

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