Embryonic Stem Cells: Therapeutic Cloning Debate

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William Fryrear Regenerative Biology 9/17/2015 Dr. Pascal Lafontant Stem Cells The debate over the ethics of the use of tem cells is a very complex and interesting debate. To aid in clarity for the remainder of this paper I plan on using and referencing the following definitions. First, from Dictionary.com, stem cells will be defined as,”a cell that upon division replaces its own numbers and also gives rise to cells that differentiate further into one or more specialized types,as various B cells and T cells”. I will also be using the same source for my definition for therapeutic cloning, “The production of embryonic stem cells for use in replacing or repairing damaged tissues or organs, achieved by transferring a diploid nucleus from a body cell into an egg whose nucleus has been removed. The stem cells are harvested from the blastocyst that develops from the egg, which, if implanted into a uterus, could produce a clone of the nucleus donor”.…show more content…
Within the paper I will be approaching the problem with two main weighing mechanisms. The first will be that of utility, as in the pure objective usefulness in the fields of medicine and other scientific disciplines. The second mechanism is that of morality, as in how somebody might have ethical qualms or objection based on personal feelings. By weighing the argument with these two mechanisms the most valid response can be

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