Follow My Dreams

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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. - Henry David Thoreau Since my childhood this particular line had a deep impact on me and was the motivation for me to follow my dreams which led to where I am today. The need to be creative and to think beyond the existing boundaries, will determine the technologies of future. Due to new trends in every aspect of life and by ever growing technology and science which resulted in teeming our lives with several thousands of new devices which, apart from making our lives comfortable, are also challenging us with new problems. And I think, solving these problems and for developing new and better materials & devices in conjunction with devising novel applications to meet demanding needs requires continuous efforts of a special type of engineer among other branches of engineering, the Material Science Engineer. As quoted above I have always tried to follow my dreams and my zeal towards achieving something different from others is what sets me aside from other. To achieve my dreams I would like to pursue my Graduate Studies in Material Science and Engineering and be a part of research which would be at the forefront of such changes.…show more content…
As an initial step towards fulfilling of my dreams & contributing to the field of science I gave my AIEEE exam in 2011.Among 1.3 million people who took the exam I was in the top 2 percentile of the students & was thus able to secure a position in one of the premier institutes in India, the National Institute of Technology, Trichy (NIT Trichy). In NITT I opted for one of the most exciting areas of science, the “Metallurgical & Materials Engineering” to further pursue my
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