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Florence, Italy played an important part in starting and continuing the period of the Renaissance over roughly three centuries. The city grew in power, wealth, and popularity due to the large amount of accomplishments and artisans that came from Florence. All the famous writers, painters, sculptures, philosophers, and architects in Florence made the city a great model for the rest of Europe. Florence thrived during the fifth-teen century due to the large amount of wealthy merchants that supported its strong economy. Families, like the Medici, became wealthy through banking and commerce. Florence was able to represent the ideas of the Renaissance through, The Medici Family, being the cradle and birthplace of the Renaissance,…show more content…
The family encouraged and payed Filippo Brunelleschi to build the dome of the Florence Cathedral. This dome was an outstanding achievement in architecture during the Renaissance. In the 15th century, the Medici began turning their wealth into political capital. This made them such a powerful political influence that it made them the unofficial rulers of Florence. They were able to gain this political power through wealth and success of banking, not through war or force. The Medici sustained their power through patronizing artists and gaining the favor of the people in Florence. The family's support to the artisans of Florence helped make Florence the starting place for the Renaissance. Another way that Florence represented the ideals of the Renaissance was the fact that the Renaissance itself started right in Florence. The city was able to embrace the new ideas of the Renaissance and spread them all throughout Europe. Humanists emerged from Florence to promote a key Renaissance idea that everyone should try to maximize their potential as human beings. The people of Florence did this by looking back and studying the civilizations of Rome and Greece. Rome and Greece were two…show more content…
People in the Renaissance wanted to focus on themselves more but still focus on God too. This was shown in Renaissance art, because almost all art made in that time period had a religious influence, but this time the art was more realistic and real. Architecture was also another important achievement during this time period. As an example, Brunelleschi was asked by the Medici to build a dome on the Florence Cathedral. It was a challenge for him because no dome that size has ever been built before, but when it was complete it proved to be a powerful personal achievement. There was also massive improvements in sculpting and painting. All of these achievements show the ideals of the Renaissance that people should maximize their potential and talents. The city of Florence was able to prove its excellent ideals for the Renaissance through the Medici family, being the birthplace of the Renaissance, and by showing personal achievement. The Medici were able to find success in commerce and banking, they used their profits to gain political power and patronize artists to create great works of art. Florence started the Renaissance and helped from the ideals for everyone in

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