Social Philosophies Of American Revolution Essay

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Political and Social Philosophies during the American Revolution “Give me liberty or give me death.”- Patrick Henry. It is April 19th 1775, the American Revolution breaks out in Concord, Massachusetts. British troops enter Concord to steal the colonists’ weapons so they could not fight against the King. With the help of Paul Revere and two other men the militia are prepared to fight against the British soldiers. Eight colonist die which makes the start of the American Revolution in 1775. Why did the American Revolution happen? Why was their British soldiers in America? Philosophies behind the Revolution is that it happened because Englishmen were tired of living under British rule in America. The reasons that are not talked about a lot is that…show more content…
During the 1700s Men and women had different roles in society. There was not any women in a prestige power. Men had control in the colonies. Gender Roles is a factor in the American Revolution because the Patriot men had to fight for freedom and the women had to take care of the jobs of both the male and female roles of this era. It was expected that all the men who wanted freedom from the rule of the King had to fight because England had British troops who could take over. Women had to step up in society to help with maintaining the lives they built in America. Women soon realized they could affect the war on freedom by making and selling good instead of buying them from England. “Ladies quickly realized that their economic decisions had important political implications” (Volo 229) With women doing the roles of both male and female they soon figured out how to manipulate the idea of women. Women finally had a place in society but after the revolution they returned to being inferior to men. Without women stepping in to fill male roles in society then maybe American would still be under the rule of England. Only the Patriot women had to fill the male roles in society because many Loyalist did not fight in the war on
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