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Introduction Many disorders have had a history of classification and decalcification of being a clinically diagnosed mental disorder. none more than addictive substances Cannabiss, tobbaco and alcohol have all been added into the DSM as substance use disorders, however the disorders that do not make it into the Dsm-5 are place in the conditions for further study one of these are caffeine use disorder although other caffeine related disorders are on the DSM-5, caffeine use disorder is not. This essay will Describe the disorder and background information, then present both arguments of why this disorder should or should not be included in the next edition of the DSM-V, then discuss the positive and negative implication of including or disincludding the illness caffeine use disorder in the DSM. Describe the disorder and background information. (Out of 2.5) In Previous versions of the DSM caffeine use disorder did not take a prevalence in the category of substance abuse alongside Cannabiss, tobbaco and alcohol . However at the end of the DSM-5 in the disorders that need further study caffeine use disorder was included as disorders that needed more research in order to be included in future edtions of the DSM. Previously with the reless of the DSM-5 two caffeine related disorders were added called caffeine intoxication and…show more content…
These key sypotoms also draw simillirtites with Caffeine Dependence Syndrome in the ICD-10 as well as other drug abuse criterias where the caffine dependence one was bassed

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