Relationship Between Native Americans And Europeans

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Over the past years of history,there have been dissimilar views of early Native American and European relationship. The first encounter of European and Indians "The New World" was tough for some and for some it was beneficial. It was all depended on the tribe and the Indians perception of the Europeans and the same with Europeans perception of the Native Americans. For some the relationship between early Native Americans and Europeans was unhealthy,unfair,violent,and last but not least there was no trust between those two.However, in the other hand it was healthy,fair,etc...due to the different locations in our world their society were very unsimilar. A lot of stories were written to describe of these differences, struggles and to compare the cultures and traditions of both races.Some example of those stories are "Of Plymouth Plantation," by William Bradford, "Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America," by Benjamin Franklin,"Lecture to a Missionary,"by Red Jacket, and "La Relacion,"by Cabeza de Vaca. These stories helped and…show more content…
Meanwhile, if Indians did the same it would be considered as stealing. The story named “Of Plymouth Plantation” describes the situation when Europeans first put a foot to Native Americans land and describes the way Indians reacted how they were “skulking” about them, ”...would sometimes show themselves aloof off, but when any approached near them,they would run away”. But it also says “...but about the 16th of March, a certain Indians came boldly amongst them and spoke to them in broken English.” In both stories,the Indians make the first move towards peace and offer
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