David And Jonathan Relationship Analysis

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David and Jonathan’s relationship invokes a multitude of interpretations which I would like to explore. I want to analyze the idea that they are a couple but are in a politically favorable situation together. Jonathan states his love for David through verbal communication and protective actions. David does not appear to share the same feelings for Jonathan until they separate and Jonathan dies. Illustrating his affection towards Jonathan, David creates the Song of the Bow. Their relationship can deviate from love and devotion. With God supporting David, he does not need Jonathan’s protection, which conveys that Jonathan is trying to gain David’s favor. Even with distinct declarations of commitment, their relationship could be mutually beneficial. 1 Samuel 18 depicts Jonathan’s loyalty…show more content…
The text does not state why Jonathan prefers David, which opens the Bible to interpretations such as romantic feelings between them. In this chapter, David is attempting to survive Saul’s constant attacks while Jonathan takes the initiative to protect David. “… the soul of Jonathan was bound to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul” (1 Samuel 18:1). The Bible places Jonathan at the forefront of their connection, signifying unrequited love. Jonathan giving his clothing and weaponry to David is a result of Jonathan’s assertiveness as emphasized by the subject in the verse being Jonathan who acts upon David (1 Sam. 18:4). Jonathan even betrays familial ties to report to David that Saul wants him dead. The reason in the text for this disloyalty to family is that “… Jonathan took great delight in David” (1 Sam. 19:1). While Saul and Jonathan talked, David was within earshot because of Jonathan’s command. In this case, Jonathan could have caused intentional eavesdropping to tell David how highly Jonathan thinks of him. By halting Saul’s murderous desire, Jonathan confirmed his love for David through his acts, verbal dedication, and by

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